Meet all the roasters
3 June - 29 June
198 Allen Street,
New York City

For one month, the Pop-Up Coffee Shop will stand as a hub where baristas and roasters can come together over a shared passion and set their craft in motion, breaking the rules of coffee and taking experimentation to the next level.
Discover all the rotating roasters that will join us for tasting and special events.

Week 1 (3-9 June).
Verve Coffee Roasters
SkyTop Coffee Company
Mr Espresso
Saison Coffee

Week 2 (10-16 June).
Brandywine Coffee Roasters
La Colombe Coffee Roasters
Sump Coffee
Katz Coffee

Week 3 (17-23 June).
Coffee Project New York
Coffee of Grace
Methodical Coffee
Caffe Ammi

Week 4 (24-29 June).
Partners Coffee
GEVA Coffee
Mojo Coffee Roasters
Afficionado Coffee Roasters